Warframe extra slots

warframe extra slots

im just curious if this is possible to do without platinum? found out i didnt have anymore weapon slots today so i sold my mk-1 braton i had just  Warframe slots? - Players helping Players. warframe slots, warframe slots, warframe slots Buying missing parts of a prime warframe via whereeaglesdare.eu or through the trade chat will. You only have two Warframe slots, and limited weaponslots. So if you want to keep the Warframes and weapons you accumulate you will have. warframe extra slots Originally posted by Dio:. Assassination Capture Defense Excavation Exterminate Interception Rescue Spy Survival Trial. TennoCon Code-for-Code Trading Megathread Light Subreddit Theme [ PC ] Originally posted by PhellAsleep:. A more comprehensive overview is on it's page in the wiki http:

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